Posted by: North Officer | 07/10/2011

Ecclesfield Safer Neighbourhood Officer update

Information – Reports of Potential Fraud in the High Green Area

The Ecclesfield Safer Neighbourhoods Officer has alerted the Northern Community Assembly to reports of potential frauds involving the purchase of UKASH cards.

Certain vigilant shop managers have alerted the Police to suspicious activity around the purchasing of UKASH cards.  Reports have been made of a male with a “foreign accent” phoning shops to see if they sell the UKASH cards. A little while later the stores were visited by elderly individuals requesting to purchase a £200 voucher.  Upon speaking to them, they too had been called by a male with a “foreign accent” advising them they were entitled to a large sum of money from their bank, but to claim it, they needed to purchase the UKASH voucher.  Due to their suspicions, the store manager advised them to call the police.

Please be vigilant to such telephone requests, and pass warnings to friends or relatives particularly those who may be vulnerable to such frauds.

Although this particular incident occurred in High Green, the message is relevant to all areas.



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