Posted by: North Officer | 07/10/2011

Ecclesfield Safer Neighbourhood Officer update

On Friday 23rd September 2011, officers from Ecclesfield’s safer neighbourhood team conducted an operation targeted towards tackling drugs, knife related crime and antisocial behaviour.

The operation involved police officers PCSO’s, special constables and a specially trained police dog and handler.

The operation was split into two phases:

Phase 1: Officers deployed into Parks, and open spaces in around Ecclesfield and Parson Cross. A specially trained police sniffer dog was used to detect the use of drugs. Officers then carried out searches of persons suspected to be in possession of drugs.

Phase 2: Officers were deployed in numbers to specific areas to carry out high visibility patrols, engaging with the public and providing information regarding how police are tackling knife crime. Search wands were used by officers to demonstrate search techniques. 

As a Result of the operation 1 adult male was arrested for 2 offences of drugs possession (cannabis) and breach of a court order. He was later charged and remanded to court.

2 adult males were issued with cautions after being found in possession of cannabis.
30 searches  were carried out, 1 direction to leave notice was issued to a male involved in alcohol related disorder, and 1 x bottle of vodka, 6 x bottles and 1 can of lager  were seized along with quantity of cigarettes. A quantity of fireworks was also seized.

APS1446 Freeman from Ecclesfield SNT said, “Friday’s operation demonstrated how we utilise our resources effectively to tackle issues relating to drug misuse and associated anti social behaviour. We will continue to target the areas and individuals involved. We continue to deal robustly with any incidents involving knifes/weapons and are keen  to engage with our communities through schools, community centres as well as out on the streets, in order to highlight how we are tackling this serious issue”



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