Posted by: North Officer | 21/05/2013

20mph Scheme for Spink Hall

Sheffield City Council are planning to reduce the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph in Spink Hall. The Northern Community Assembly nominated part of Spink Hall to be one of the first new 20mph areas for Sheffield. Tougher controls to stop people parking on the zig zag lines outside schools will also be introduced.

Why is this happening? A 20mph lower speed limit will mean:

  • Lower speed limits reduce the severity of injuries for anyone involved in collisions
  • Some collisions will be avoided altogther; and
  • People are more likely to feel safe when walking and cycling

What will it look like? In the past road humps have been built to keep speeds low. These schemes are successful but expensive. Central government cuts mean this can no longer be afforded. New 20mph limits will be indicated by traffic signs and road markings only.

For more information ? Click here for the leaflet

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