Posted by: North Officer | 15/03/2013

Easter Egg Hunt at Loxley Valley Community Farm

Loxley Valley Community Farm will hold a Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday 17th March, the latest in a series of events aimed at getting more people involved in the project. Members of the public are invited to drop into the site on Rodney Hill, Loxley anytime between 1pm and 4pm to help locate some hidden eggs!

There will be refreshments available and home-made produce on sale. Entry to the Easter Egg Hunt is £1 with a prize for each entry. Entry to the farm is free. The event was made possible thanks to a grant from the Northern Community Assembly to assist in preparing the site for public events. Other events that have been held as part of the public outreach programme included a Christmas craft sale and tree planting day.

The farm is now working to continue this programme for the rest of the year and details of future events as well as how to get involved as a volunteer at the farm will be available at the event. The farm suffered an arson attack in April last year which understandably set the project back however undeterred its members have worked hard to repair the damage and are now looking forward to welcoming more people to the farm as part of their outreach programme.



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