Posted by: North Officer | 07/03/2013

Stocksbridge Neighbourhood Plan

Stocksbridge Town Council are working with the Stocksbridge Design Statement Group to create a neighbourhood plan.  They have submitted an application to Sheffield Planning Authority to designate a neighbourhood area, which is the first stage in the neighbourhood plan process.

Further information is available from including:

  • A map of the neighbourhood area proposed by Stocksbridge Town Council
  • A statement by Stocksbridge Town Council on why the proposed area is considered appropriate
  • Some background on what neighbourhood planning is

A copy of the map and statement are also being held at Stocksbridge Library and at Stocksbridge Town Hall in the Council Chamber.

Comments to Sheffield Planning Authority on the proposed neighbourhood area boundary are invited for a six week period between Monday 11th March and Monday 22nd April 2013.  To comment please provide your full name and address and write:

For more information about the Stocksbridge Neighbourhood Plan please contact Teresa Bisatt on or write to:

Stocksbridge Town Council, Town Hall The ARC, Manchester Road, Stocksbridge, Sheffield, S36 2DT.



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