Posted by: North Officer | 10/09/2012

Thorncliffe Revisited

It is hard to comprehend the magnitude of the company of Newton and Chambers when viewing Thorncliffe Valley today. Today it is comprised of a number of business units and housing estates where once blast furnaces, foundries, chemical and engineering workshops stood.

There are 200 years of history at the site where it went from a small iron works mining the local coal and iron to an international manufacturer of iron and engineering with innovations in chemicals and energy providing employment for a workforce of 8,000.

“Thorncliffe Revisited” is the new exhibition at the Coterie Galley created during the school holiday by dozens of children from 4 to 13 years in which they explored the different aspects of Thorncliffe life, work, and leisure.

Each theme was brought together over five weeks in modelling “Thorncliffe” factory construction all inspired by original archival material and artefacts loaned from local archives, museums, former employees, and residents.

The results of their innovation and inspiration in chronicling their heritage is backed up with original archival images and artefacts which will be on exhibition throughout September.

The Gallery is at PACES Campus, Pack Horse Lane, High Green, Sheffield, S35 3HY. Open Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm. Entry and parking is free with disabled access. For further information visit or contact the Gallery on:



Tel: 07981851174 or 07746718658



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