Posted by: North Officer | 31/08/2012

Find out when your road will be improved

Our city’s road network is about to be transformed. Sheffield City Council are working with Amey the private sector contractor, to carry out the new Streets Ahead work that will significantly improve the city’s roads, pavements, street lights, bridges and other items on or around our streets (what we call streetscene).

The majority of the Streets Ahead improvements works will take place in the first 5 years of a 25 year contract, starting in August 2012.

This is a huge city-wide project that will see improvement works taking place in every community to improve the city’s roads, pavements and streetscene for the benefit of everyone who uses it.

Amey is tasked with carrying out the improvement works and is now responsible for replacing, inspecting and the ongoing maintenance of our roads and streetscene.

Click here to find out what’s included.

Click here to find out when the work on your street will happen –  Works Schedule

Click here to find out about roadshows near you

Click here for information on changes to public transport services



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