Posted by: North Officer | 28/08/2012

Litter Bins

Sheffield City Council provide litter bins next to roads and in shopping centres and parks. The Streets Ahead contractor, Amey is responsible for street cleaning.

As part of the Streets Ahead works, Sheffield City Council will be installing over 1,000 new litter and recycling bins to encourage more people to dispose of their litter responsibly.

There will also be a trial of some new innovative solar powered mechanical bins that tell us when they’re full. The power generated by the sun allows the bin to crush and compact the rubbish inside at regular intervals so that it can accommodate more waste.

This helps Amey’s street cleaning teams to be more efficient. It eliminates the need for spot checks and reduces unnecessary journeys meaning increased focus on cleaning the city’s roads and pavements.

You can click here to request a new litter bin.



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