Posted by: North Officer | 02/08/2012

Give and Gain Day

Business in the Community are currently looking to identify three projects that support/provide youth engagement that need volunteers to work with.

They are particularly interested in projects that could work with up to 300 employee volunteers on the 17th May 2013 as part of BITC’s Give & Gain Day.

A Give & Gain day team challenge needs to involve a group of up to 300 business volunteers who undertake a specific piece of practical, hands-on activity in the community. This could be creating an outdoor resource; providing valuable activities for the youth sector supporting employability, or creating a community space in a disadvantaged area.

 A Team Challenge provides a community group with access to resources to allow them to develop and improve their services or site.

If you would like to be considered please contact on 0114 201 3223 or



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