Posted by: North Officer | 04/11/2011

Urgent notice – Changes made to the Climate Change Funding Guidance

We have learnt that there has been a change to the government’s regulations for the Feed in Tariff (FiT – payments installers of renewable electricity equipment can claim for the energy they generate) – the new rules state that from July 1st this year people / organisations cannot receive both public grant funding (‘state aid’ in EU terminology) and FiT payments.  The Climate Change Fund falls under this definition of public grant funding.  This change reverses the government’s / Ofgem’s previous position, which was that people/organisations could receive both as long as the combined income did not exceed €200,000 (Euros) over the first three years of the FiT claim.  So now any group which is successful in obtaining a Climate Change Fund grant towards the costs of the installation of renewable energy equipment cannot also claim FiT payments – you can have one or the other but not both.  This rule will also apply to Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments (once these have actually been launched).

Further information is available from Ofgem at:

Further, it may also be of interest to you that the government has announced it’s intention to reduce FiT rates, probably by about 50%, and probably for systems installed after 12 December 2011 (at the time of writing the date and rates are still to be confirmed by the government).

New versions of the Climate Change Fund Application Form and Guidance for Applicants are available below:

CCF Guidance for Applicants 2011-12, v2

CCF Application Form 2011-12, v2





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