Posted by: North Officer | 06/07/2011

101 Price Increase

As of 1 July Sheffield residents making calls to the joint 101 police and council number, to report non-emergency incidents and antisocial behaviour, will pay a flat rate fee of 15p; this is irrespective of the length of call or whether you are calling from a landline or a mobile phone. Currently calls to the 101 service costs a flat rate of 10p.

The change in fee comes as all 43 police forces in England and Wales will adopt 101 as their new single non-emergency number, as advised by the Home Office. From July, police forces will begin changing to the 101 number starting with The Metropolitan Police Service and surrounding areas, with South Yorkshire Police making the switch from the current 0114 2202020 non-emergency number in early November.

The 101 service has been available in Sheffield since 2006 and will continue to allow residents of the city to report non-emergency incidents and antisocial behaviour through one single number. In November, 101 will become the police non-emergency number for all of South Yorkshire replacing 0114 2202020, however the council related services will only be available in Sheffield; current caller satisfaction figures show that 95 per cent of callers are satisfied or very satisfied with the service.

Superintendent Rob Odell, head of Communications explains: “If you live in Sheffield you will see no change to the excellent 101 service you currently receive. It is a fact that the 5,000 Sheffield residents who use the 101 service per month will be charged more than they were previously. However, in the future many callers such as mobile users who will call 101 instead of the current non-emergency number will pay significantly less. In November, when 101 replaces 0114 2202020 as the police non-emergency number for the whole of South Yorkshire, for the first time ever, everyone calling us for non-emergency matters will know exactly how much it will cost them and will be assured of equal access whether they are on a pay-as-you-go mobile or a home landline.

“The benefit to the public is clear, in that, 101 provides a flat rate charge per call, regardless of call length, whereas other numbers, such as 0845 can cost the public over 25 pence per minute from mobile phones. Introducing 101 on a national scale will enable us to better prioritise calls, helping the service to become more efficient and effective. The easy to remember number will mean that wherever you are in the country you will know which number to call.”

In Sheffield, you can call 101 if you have problems with:

  • vandalism and graffiti
  • noise nuisance
  • threatening and abusive behaviour
  • abandoned vehicles
  • dumping and fly tipping
  • drunk and rowdy groups
  • drug related anti-social behaviour; and
  • broken street lighting


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