Posted by: North Officer | 02/06/2011

Next Northern Community Assembly Public Meeting

The next Public Meeting of the Northern Community Assembly will be at The Venue, Manchester Road, Stocksbridge on Wednesday the 15th of June, 6.30 to 8.30pm.

At the meeting, the Northern Community Assembly Councillors will be discussing a report on their budget for the year,  a report on the Thriving District and Local Centres Strategy and a report on Smiley SIDs.

Thriving District and Local Centres Strategy outlines future plans for the key shopping areas across Sheffield. As part of this, there will be information about future plans for the Chapeltown and Stocksbridge shopping areas which should be of interest to lots of local people.

You might have already seen Smiley SIDs (or Speed Indication Devices as they are also known) in other parts of the city. They are signs by the side of the road that warn people when they speeding. They frown if you are speeding or smile at you if you are going at the correct speed.

The Rural Villages Officer, Sharon Batty will also be presenting a report at the meeting about her project. This report will cover the work Sharon has been undertaking recently as part of her role and the future plans for her project.

Everyone is welcome to attend this meeting. If you want to see the papers for the meeting beforehand please visit our webpage to download them or call (0114) 2037153 to receive a copy in the post.

If you would like to ask a question of the Northern Community Assembly at the meeting please email your question to or call (0114) 2037153 in advance of the meeting.



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