Posted by: North Officer | 06/05/2011

Have your say on Library service budget reductions

Local Libraries

You may well know that there are several community libraries in our Community Assembly area (Chapeltown, Ecclesfield, Stannington and Stocksbridge) and that mobile libraries stop in many of our local streets.

Unfortunately, due to 15% budget reductions for Sheffield City Council, the library service has to save £1.4 million over the next year. This means reducing the hours that community libraries are open and the number of stops the mobile libraries make.

The Libraries Service hope you enjoy visiting your local library and would like to give you this opportunity to have your say about where the reductions should be made. If you go to a community library, you will have the chance to say when you would like your library to be open. If you regularly visit a mobile library stop, you will have the chance to comment on the new proposed timetable and how the changes affect you.

Follow this link to complete the survey. The consultation is open until Saturday 4th June 2011. For more information please download the Frequently Asked Questions.



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