Posted by: North Officer | 11/02/2011

Sheffield Youth Council Elections 2011

Sheffield Youth Council

Voting takes place in schools and youth clubs across Sheffield from 7th to the 16th of February to elect 14 young people to the Sheffield Youth Council.  Young people aged 11 to 21 can take part in the vote.

The Sheffield Youth Council was designed by young people, for young people in 2007.  The Council represents people aged 11 to 21 (or 25 if they need extra support) and they act on issues that are important to young people.  The aim of the Youth Council is to bring together young people’s voices, views and opinions to influence political activities and to help change Sheffield to benefit young people.

In this election there are 4 candidates from the Northern area running. You can download their manifestos here. This can help you find out more about what the candidates want to achieve and should help you make your decision.

In the northern community assembly area you can vote at the following places:

  • Myers Grove School
  • Bradfield School
  • Stocksbridge High School
  • Ecclesfield School
  • Stocksbridge Connexions Centre – Sheffield Futures Youth Centre
  • Club 230 – Sheffield Futures Youth Centre

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to take part in the election!



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