Posted by: North Officer | 01/02/2011

Local List of Historical and Architectural Interest – Make your nominations

What should go on the Northern area Local List?

I’ve just heard from the Sheffield City Council Planning Department that they are inviting nominations for a new local list of architectural and historical interest. Sheffield contains many buildings which contribute to its unique identity. Around 1200 of these are nationally listed, but many more locally significant examples do not meet the national criteria. The local list enables the value of these properties to be formally recognised.

Inclusion of a building on the local list is a recognition of its architectural or historical importance and its value to the local community.  A locally listed building will not gain any additional legal protection or access to funding but its status will be considered when making relevant planning decisions. 

The local list will include buildings and structures – which could be walls, shelters, bridges, milestones etc.  Five criteria have been developed to assess whether or not a candidate qualifies:

  • Architectural interest – buildings by significant architects, good examples of a specific style or type, exhibit quality, materials or construction.
  • Local historical significance – buildings associated with a particular historical event, movement or a notable person.
  • Setting or group value – a landmark or group of buildings that makes a significant contribution to the character of an area
  • Age and rarity – particularly old or rare examples of a building type or style
  • Authenticity – properties that have undergone little significant change

You can make your nomination for the Local List here. Please be aware that nominations close on the 12th of February.



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