Posted by: North Officer | 13/01/2011

Here Be Dragons – Stocksbridge the Musical

We have just been invited to the next performance of ‘Here be Dragons – Stocksbridge the Musical.’ Through the Steel Valley Beacon Arts Group, members of the Stocksbridge community have written the music and songs for this production.

The musical is based around real life events and people living from the time of Samuel Fox in Stocksbridge to after the Second World War. The musical starts in 1842, the year Sam Fox came to Stocksbridge with plans for a wire-drawing factory. The story follows his life, the creation of Paragon umbrellas and the huge legacy he left. There is a running theme throughout of the “dragon”, representing the flaming furnace of the steelworks and the power of the Stocksbridge community.

You can see the Steel Valley Beacon Arts Website for more information about the work they do. We’re really looking forward to learning more about the Stocksbridge community in a really innovative way.



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