Posted by: North Officer | 09/12/2010

Action For Stannington take on the Big Freeze

Some of the Action for Stannington Volunteers

I’ve just spoken to Danny from the ‘Action for Stannington’ community group. Danny told me how the Action for Stannington volunteers are able to provide emergency assistance to the most vulnerable in the Stannington area during the severe weather.

The tasks they can do include: emergency shopping or prescription collection, clearing a path or drive from snow, security issues caused by the frosty weather, like a frozen keyhole, contacting a family member or neighbour on behalf of a frail person or delivery of heaters or blankets and other manageable jobs.

These tasks are daytime emergency support in the adverse weather and are not routine visits. These tasks are also strictly reserved to vulnerable individuals such as older people and people with disabilities.

They won’t be able to clear paths in order to facilitate access to Health & Social Care workers (as it is the duty of their employers to ensure safe working practises), yet they are very happy to clear a path in order to allow a resident to go out.

They will not be involved in any highway work, such as clearing pavements or helping to move cars. But they are happy to help a stranded car driver and passengers (i.e. older person, a family) with respite support.

Their work is limited to the Stannington area, geographically defined as the hill between the river Loxley and Rivelin, to Underbank.

All the volunteers are registered members of Action for Stannington, carrying out what everyone already does as a good neighbour, but by coordinating the support they hope to ensure no-one is missed out in the Stannington area. The named volunteer/s would provide the required assistance, wearing the Action for Stannington outfit. The volunteers are covered by Third Party and Liability Insurance and Health & Safety practices are applied.

You can call us at the Northern Community Assembly Team and we can put a request through to Action for Stannington on your behalf. Please contact us on (0114) 2037153 or



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