Posted by: North Officer | 20/10/2010

Neighbourhood Environmental Action Team for the Northern Area

NEAT team in action

Did you know that the Northern Community Assembly pay for a NEAT team to work in the area 2 days a week? NEAT stands for Neighbourhood Environmental Action Team. The team are employed to clean up grot spots that are not on the normal Streetforce rota. They have already been doing lots of work across the area clearing gennels etc. We have had lots of young mums telling us that it is now much safer for them to take their children to school using the gennel. This is a great way for the Community Assembly to be able to make a real difference to improving the lives of people in the Northern area. If you know of a grot spot in your area that could do with a tidy up, please get in touch with us on (0114) 2037152.



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