Posted by: North Officer | 20/04/2010

Nuisance Apple Trees Removed

Stannington Tree Cutting

Tree being removed


 The people of Stannington Road in the Northern Assembly Area, put together a petition to have four apple trees removed but it is not Council policy to remove healthy trees. The residents claimed, every autumn when the apples ripen they are used as missiles and thrown at homes, cars and sometimes even people. 

 The Councillors for the area thought we needed to do something about this so we decided to survey the people of the street to prove how many people wanted the trees removed. A whopping 96% of people told us they wanted the trees removed and replace by a non-fruit type of tree. We took the proof we gathered to the Highways Department and they said that we could remove the trees. We were really pleased about this as it shows the Community Assembly can effect real change for the community in the within the Council.



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